Nevada Venue Owner Facing A Fine Over Trump Rally

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The owner of a Nevada venue where U.S. President Donald Trump held an indoor campaign rally in defiance of the state’s mandates on indoor social gatherings, is facing a fine.


According to the Las Vegas Sun, city officials in Henderson levied the $3,000 fine against Donald Ahern, who owns the warehouse where the event took place.


State rules, mandated by Nevada’s Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak, prohibit gatherings larger than 50 people, require masks to be worn in public and social distancing of at least 6 feet.


An attorney for Ahern, who operates a heavy equipment rental business and hotels, told the Las Vegas Sun that his client had received a notice from the city about the fine, and is considering whether to challenge it.


Ahern is already facing a $10,000 fine for holding an “Evangelicals for Trump” rally at a casino and hotel that he owns, and has filed a lawsuit against Governor Sisolak, the Sun reported.


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